About Us


Research, Intelligence, Governance, History and Technology (R.I.G.H.T) is a non-partisan think tank and policy hub to provide research, intelligence, insights, and strategic advice to help institutions and organizations shape and build a global sustainable future


Our aim is help organizations, institutions and socio-economic groups and fraternities develop constructive leadership and engagement in national and international affairs , and provide solutions for navigating the dramatic economic and political changesdefining the 21st century.


R.I.G.H.T believes in the following values and beliefs

1. Fight Political and Economic polarization rhetoric , and provide practical solutions and strategies towards a common narrative

2. Build a well informed community of people from all walks of society to tackle the socioeconomic challenges

3. Promote new ideas, teachings, insights to develop a curious community that can improve society and Government

4. Challenge biases, aim for transparency, find agreements with others on first principle and values

5. Promote a culture of error admittance and change of belief according to Socio-political Changes

6. Promote a mutual understanding culture that will enable everyone to find common ground and make real progress

7. Promote 21st century approaches of digital diplomacy and digital social responsibility


The story of R.I.G.H.T started in 2016 , as a side project when the founders of Republic of Sapien were approached to formulate strategies, policies and ideas for various sociopolitical projects and Campaigns .

The initial experience was followed by organizing summits and conferences where in-house developed policies were launched in collaboration with institutions and organizations .

After the successful implementation and execution of the initial policies , the team of Republic of Sapien decided to form a separate entity that can help organizations and institutions to improve their broader socio-political and economic issues


We are a team of young and experienced tech driven philosophers and social scientists working towards socio-political economic developmental ideas and initiatives promoting digital diplomacy and digital social responsibility . So if you are an organization or institute seeking new approaches in the 21st century then you should definitely work with us

Working Philosophy of R.I.G.H.T

1. Time and Money Value :: R.I.G.H.T is a straight forward result oriented think tank and policy making group of councils. For every 10 unit of investment of your time/money you will gain at least 500 Units of return in value and save a ton lot of your valuable time which can be used for other productive initiatives

2. 21st century Game :: R.I.G.H.T is well versed with the business challenges and Issues of the Digital Augmented Age and it continuously updates itself with new incoming ideas and technologies

3. Direction of Others :: Most of the entities who are trying to solve the same problems as R.I.G.H.T , are either clinging on to the old world bureaucratic structure of Governance or Management and further hesitant to adopt new ideas and methods. R.I.G.H.T believes in adoption to change to fit in with the progressing world

4. Happening right now :: The world at the current time is embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution , So it is advisable for everyone to embrace this digital-augmented-AI cultural mindset of change immediately and R.I.G.H.T helps its clients to do the same .

5. The Future Ahead :: the future of business and services lies in understanding the habits and needs of the digital-Augmented-AI age . The ones who would take the leap, will own the future ahead .