AI Cyberspace Policy Council


The mission of the AI Cyberspace Policy Council is to shape responsible and ethical
policies that govern the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyberspace. Through research, collaboration, and policy development, we aim to ensure the secure, fair, and beneficial integration of AI technologies in cyberspace while safeguarding individual rights, privacy, and international security.


Our vision is to be a global authority in AI cyberspace policy, recognized for our
contributions to shaping policies that harness the potential of AI while addressing the challenges and risks of its application in the digital realm.


  • Ethical and Responsible AI: Advocate for the development and adoption of AI technologies that align with ethical standards, human rights, and societal values.
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy: Promote policies that enhance cybersecurity and safeguard individual privacy in an AI-driven cyberspace landscape.
  • International Cooperation: Facilitate international collaboration and cooperation in crafting AI cyberspace policies to address global challenges and ensure stability.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Promote policies that ensure transparency in AI algorithms and processes, along with mechanisms for accountability.
  • AI Governance Frameworks: Develop frameworks that guide the governance of AI technologies, covering aspects of regulation, standards, and enforcement.
  • Thought Leadership: Lead discussions on the evolving intersections of AI and cyberspace, driving dialogue on responsible policy development.

Think Tank Program

  • AI Ethical Framework Development: Collaborate with experts to develop ethical guidelines for the use of AI technologies in cyberspace.
  • Cybersecurity and AI Integration Forum: Engage in discussions on AI’s role in enhancing cybersecurity measures and combating cyber threats.
  • AI Policy Diplomacy Workshops: Organize workshops that explore the diplomatic implications of AI in cyberspace and promote international cooperation.
  • Privacy-Preserving AI Task Force: Research and develop solutions that enable AI innovation while preserving individual privacy and data protection.
  • AI Risk Assessment and Mitigation Research: Investigate potential risks of AI deployment in cyberspace and develop strategies to mitigate them.
  • AI Regulation and Standardization Symposium: Lead conversations on establishing regulations and standards to ensure the responsible use of AI
  • AI Impact on International Security Seminar: Examine the implications of AI in cyberspace on global security and develop policy recommendations.

Consultancy Solutions

  • AI Cyberspace Policy Review: Assess existing policies and regulations to determine their alignment with responsible AI usage and recommend improvements.
  • Privacy-Preserving AI Implementation: Provide guidance to organizations on
    implementing AI technologies while respecting privacy and data protection.
  • Cybersecurity Strategy Enhancement: Collaborate with institutions to develop AIdriven cybersecurity strategies that defend against evolving threats.
  • AI Policy Development Support: Assist governments and organizations in crafting comprehensive AI cyberspace policies that balance innovation with security.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Workshops: Facilitate workshops that bring together policymakers, technologists, and stakeholders to discuss AI policy challenges.
  • International Cooperation Facilitation: Offer consultancy services to facilitate collaboration between nations in crafting AI policies that cross borders.
  • AI Impact Assessment: Analyze the potential societal, economic, and security impacts of AI deployment in cyberspace and provide informed recommendations.

These programs and consultancy solutions, aligned with the mission, vision, and goals, will establish the AI Cyberspace Policy Council as a key player in shaping responsible AI policies that promote security, ethics, and innovation in the dynamic realm of cyberspace.