Digital Policy Council


The mission of the Digital Policy Council is to shape inclusive and ethical digital
ecosystems by providing informed insights, analysis, and solutions that guide
governments, organizations, and individuals in navigating the complexities of the digital age. Through collaborative research, policy advocacy, and innovation, we aim to foster digital empowerment, privacy protection, and responsible technology adoption.


Our vision is to be a globally respected authority in digital policy, recognized for our
impartial expertise, innovative approaches, and dedication to promoting digital rights, equitable access, and sustainable digital transformation.


  • Informed Decision-Making: Provide evidence-based analysis and policy recommendations that empower policymakers, businesses, and individuals to make informed decisions in the digital realm.
  • Ethical Digital Practices: Advocate for ethical technology development, responsible AI implementation, data privacy, and cybersecurity to ensure a secure and inclusive digital future.
  • Equitable Access: Work towards bridging the digital divide by advocating for equal access to digital resources, tools, and opportunities, especially for underserved communities.
  • Innovation and Technological Literacy: Encourage innovation while promoting digital literacy and awareness to empower individuals to navigate the digital landscape safely and effectively.
  • Digital Rights Protection: Advocate for the protection of digital rights, including freedom of expression, privacy, and protection against online harassment and cybercrime.
  • Public Awareness: Engage in educational initiatives to enhance public understanding of digital policies, fostering responsible digital citizenship and

Think Tank Program

  • Ethical AI and Technology Center: Research the ethical implications of emerging technologies, develop guidelines, and advocate for responsible AI and tech innovation.
  • Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Hub: Analyze data protection laws, cybersecurity challenges, and best practices to safeguard personal and sensitive information.
  • Digital Inclusion and Access Initiative: Promote policies that ensure digital access for all, focusing on closing the digital divide and enhancing digital literacy.
  • Internet Governance and Digital Diplomacy Forum: Address global internet governance issues, promote digital diplomacy, and collaborate on cross-border
    digital policies.
  • Digital Rights Advocacy Program: Advocate for digital rights protection through policy research, legal analysis, and collaboration with civil society organizations.
  • Online Media and Disinformation Research Group: Analyze the impact of online media and disinformation on societies, recommending strategies to combat misinformation.
  • Emerging Technology and Regulation Consortium: Explore the regulatory challenges posed by emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT, and quantum computing.
  • Digital Literacy and Education Campaign: Develop educational resources and campaigns to enhance digital literacy, digital safety, and responsible online behavior.

Consultancy Solutions

  • Digital Transformation Strategy: Assist organizations in crafting and implementing digital transformation strategies that align with ethical and responsible practices.
  • Data Protection and Privacy Compliance: Provide guidance on compliance with data protection regulations, ensuring proper handling of personal and sensitive data.
  • Cybersecurity Assessment and Planning: Conduct cybersecurity assessments and help organizations develop robust cybersecurity plans to mitigate risks.
  • Technology Policy Analysis: Offer analysis of technology policies and regulations, helping governments and businesses adapt to evolving digital landscapes.
  • Digital Citizenship Workshops: Conduct workshops and training sessions to promote digital citizenship, online safety, and responsible use of digital platforms.
  • Online Content Moderation Guidelines: Assist platforms in developing content moderation guidelines that balance freedom of expression and the prevention of harmful content.
  • Digital Inclusion Strategy Development: Collaborate with governments and organizations to develop strategies that ensure digital inclusion for marginalized and underserved communities.
  • AI Ethics and Governance Consultation: Advise on ethical AI development, deployment, and governance to ensure responsible and unbiased AI applications.

These programs and consultancy solutions, aligned with the mission, vision, and goals, will establish the Digital Policy Council as a respected authority in shaping ethical, inclusive, and sustainable digital policies, promoting digital rights, and guiding responsible digital transformation.