Economic Intelligence Council


The mission of the Economic Intelligence Council is to provide actionable economic
insights, analysis, and solutions that empower governments, businesses, and
policymakers to navigate the complexities of global markets, foster sustainable economic growth, and enhance the well-being of societies. Through rigorous research, collaboration, and innovative strategies, we aim to contribute to economic resilience, informed decisionmaking, and equitable prosperity.


Our vision is to be a world-leading hub of economic intelligence, recognised for our
exceptional analytical prowess, innovative methodologies, and commitment to driving economic stability, innovation, and inclusive development.


  • Informed Decision-Making: Deliver accurate and timely economic intelligence that equips decision-makers with the knowledge needed to develop effective economic policies and strategies.
  • Strategic Economic Analysis: Conduct comprehensive analysis of global economic trends, emerging markets, and technological disruptions to guide strategic economic planning and risk management.
  • Business Growth and Competitiveness: Provide businesses with actionable intelligence that supports market entry, innovation, risk mitigation, and strategic decision-making.
  • Global Economic Stability: Monitor global economic dynamics, identifying potential risks, trends, and opportunities to contribute to global economic stability and resilience.
  • Innovation and Technology Integration: Embrace advanced technologies, data analytics, and innovative methodologies to enhance economic analysis and prediction capabilities.
  • Capacity Building: Invest in the professional development of economists, analysts, and researchers to ensure a skilled workforce capable of addressing evolving economic challenges.
  • Public Education: Engage in public outreach and education to increase economic literacy, fostering a more informed and engaged citizenry.

Think Tank Program

  • Global Economic Outlook Project: Produce regular reports that analyze global economic trends, trade dynamics, and potential disruptions, offering insights to businesses and policymakers.
  • Market Intelligence Lab: Utilize big data and advanced analytics to examine market trends, consumer behavior, and emerging industries, assisting businesses in identifying growth opportunities.
  • Sustainable Economic Development Center: Research and advocate for sustainable economic practices, responsible resource management, and the integration of environmental and social considerations.
  • Digital Economy and Innovation Forum: Explore the impact of digital transformation on economies, addressing challenges and opportunities related to the digital age.
  • Trade and Investment Promotion Initiative: Provide analysis and strategies for governments to promote trade, attract investments, and enhance international economic cooperation.
  • Inclusive Growth and Social Equity Project: Research strategies to promote inclusive economic growth, reduce inequality, and ensure equitable distribution of economic benefits.
  • Future of Work and Labor Market Observatory: Analyze evolving labor market dynamics, automation trends, and workforce skill requirements, guiding policies for workforce development.
  • Economic Resilience and Crisis Management Consultancy: Assist governments and businesses in building economic resilience, managing economic crises, and implementing effective response strategies.

Consultancy Solutions

  • Economic Risk Assessment: Offer customized economic risk assessments, helping governments and businesses identify and mitigate potential economic vulnerabilities.
  • Market Entry Strategies: Advise businesses on market entry strategies, providing insights into regulatory environments, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.
  • Economic Policy Analysis: Assist governments in formulating evidence-based economic policies that drive sustainable growth, job creation, and social development.
  • Technology and Innovation Advising: Provide guidance on leveraging emerging technologies for economic growth, including AI, blockchain, and Industry 4.0.
  • Trade and Investment Promotion Consultancy: Support governments in devising strategies to attract foreign investment, promote exports, and enhance international economic relations.
  • Scenario Planning and Strategic Foresight: Develop scenarios and strategies for businesses and governments to anticipate and respond to potential economic disruptions.
  • Economic Diplomacy Support: Assist governments in diplomatic efforts to strengthen economic ties, negotiate trade agreements, and foster international economic cooperation.
  • Sustainable Development Consulting: Collaborate with organizations to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, fostering environmental responsibility and social impact.

These programs and consultancy solutions, aligned with the mission, vision, and goals, will establish the Economic Intelligence Council as a trusted source of economic insights, strategies, and solutions, driving economic growth, innovation, and prosperity at local, national, and global levels.